Species Habitat

Bush Stone-curlews were once found throughout the open woodlands of Australia. They are now largely confined to the north, with healthy populations on Cape York Peninsula.

Species Appearance

Bush Stone-curlews are skulking nocturnal ground-dwelling birds, with mottled brown, grew and white plumage, a long neck and long legs.

Species Care

by maintaining a mixture of tree cover and open vegetation structure. Consider using storm-burning if there is extensive vegetation thickening, in which case, wet season spelling is useful for building up adequate fuel for a thorough burn.

Species Conservation Notes

Listed as Near threatened Worldwide, and threatened in NSW, Vic & SA, but not in Australia or Qld.

QLD Conservation Status

Near Threatened

Species Acknowledgements

Information from Department of Environment and Conservation NSW 2006, Garnett and Crowley 2000, S. Garnett, A. Kutt, E. Vanderduys. Prepared by G. Crowley.