Weed Habitat

  • Native to North America, species of Cabomba are aggressive invaders of freshwater systems, especially if they are nutrient rich, where they displace native freshwater plants. Generally root in water is 1-3m deep, but can continue to grow free-floating if uprooted for 6-8 weeks.
  • Reproduce by stem fragments.
  • Escaped aquarium plant.


  • Perennial fully submerged aquatic herbs.
  • Stems grow beneath the water surface up to 2 m or more long. Much branched from near the base.
  • Submerged, opposite or whorled leaves, finely divided several times to form fan-shape up to 6 cm across, leaf stalk to 3 cm long.
  • Flowers grow above water surface, colour depends on which of 5 recognised species is present.



All species are declared C2 under the Lands Protection (Pest and Stockroute Management) Act 2002.
Cabomba caroliniana is also listed as a Weed of National Significance.
For further information on declaration refer to the NR&W Pest Fact series.