Weed Habitat

  • Native to India, Grader grass rapidly colonises roadsides following disturbance from grading, hence the common name. Prominent along roadsides, in pastures and disturbed areas.


  • A tall, erect, tufted annual grass, 1-2 m high, growing in dense patches.
  • Mature plants golden to orange-tan.
  • Robust, hairless, caney stems.
  • Leaves narrow, up to 30 cm long and well spaced along the stem, brown when mature.
  • Seedheads long and branched, interspersed with short leaves, drooping when mature.

Grader grass - Themeda quadrivalvis  Grader grass - Themeda quadrivalvis  Grader grass - Themeda quadrivalvis


Currently not declared however under the Biosecurity Act 2014 you still have an obligation to prevent or minimise a biosecurity risk posed by a pest.