About this series

Welcome to Series Two of My Cape York Life. 

Cape York is an incredible place - around 137,000 square kilometres of beautiful waterways and lagoons, pristine rainforest, tropical savannas, and endless red-dirt roads.

In this second series, we travel the diverse landscapes of central Cape York, and the south-east coast - speaking with graziers, conservationists, Traditional Owners, an artist and a local government councillor.  

The theme music is Midday Blues by Tate Peterson used under a Creative Commons licence; and Cape York by Black Image Band, used with permission from Vince Harrigan, Black Image Band.

This series is hosted by Cape York NRM's Lyndal Scobell, and produced by Richard Dinnen. Cape York NRM's on-line team are Ben Lister and Robyn May.

My Cape York Life was conceived in 2016, when staff from Cape York NRM and South Cape York Catchments were seeking a unique way to share Cape York's stories with the world.

My Cape York Life is brought to you by Cape York NRM, with support from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme.

Bob Frazer Jardine National Park Photo: Lyndal Scobell

MYCL S2 Bob Frazer (part two)

Bob Frazer was the founding Chief Executive Officer of Cape York NRM, who spent eight years with the organisation until he retired in April 2018.

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Bob Frazer PDR roadside Photo: Lyndal Scobell

MCYL S2 Bob Frazer (part one)

This week Cape York NRM bring you two bonus episodes of My Cape York Life.

We are talking with Bob Frazer, who was the founding Chief Executive Officer of Cape York NRM, and spent eight years with the organisation, retiring in April 2018.

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Jessie and Claire Price-Decle, Saltwater Creek.  Photo: Lyndal Scobell

MCYL S2 Jessie Price-Decle

Jessie Price is a young mum, an environmental scientist, and the Grazing Engagement Officer with South Cape York Catchments - a community-based natural resource management organisation based in Cooktown.

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Vince Harrigan and family Photo: Lyndal Scobell

MCYL S2 Vince Harrigan

Vince Harrigan is a Traditional Owner and Ranger from Normanby Station in southern Cape York. The 31,400 acre property was returned to his family in the 1990s. The Harrigan brothers are caring for country and Vince says he can see Country becoming healthy again.

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Alan Wilson_My Cape York Life S2 E6_Photo Lyndal Scobell

MCYL S2 Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson has spent almost 40 years on Cape York, and has seen and done a lot. He is a Cook Shire Councillor, and he’s run cattle stations, the Laura pub and the town’s roadhouse.

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Marie Shipton

MCYL S2 Marie Shipton

Marie Shipton lives in Wujal Wujal and is a Traditional Owner from the area. The interview is recorded on Country at the mouth of the beautiful Bloomfield River, in the company of a patrolling crocodile.

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Waratah Nicholls

MCYL S2 Waratah Nicholls

Waratah Nicholls arrived in Far North Queensland in the early 80's for a Bungle in the Jungle at Bloomfield and fell in love. Her piece of paradise is in Mungumby Valley - a stones throw from the famous Lions Den Hotel.

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Billy Harrigan Wujal Wujal Photo: Lyndal Scobell

MCYL S2 Billy Harrigan

Billy Harrigan is the Cultural Officer with Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council and is a Traditional Owner from the area.

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Tom and Sue Shephard - Artemis Station

MCYL S2 Sue Shephard

Sue Shephard moved to Cape York in 1970 to work at Musgrave Station for the Shephard family.  She met the youngest Shephard son, Tom, got married, and together they raised four children on Artemis Station.

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Tom and Sue Shepherd - Artemis Station

MCYL S2 Tom Shephard

We begin the second series of My Cape York Life on Artemis Station, a cattle property in the heart of Cape York.  Artemis is a 125 thousand hectare property midway between Coen and Laura. The property has been in the Shephard family for about 100 years and is run by Tom and Sue Shephard.

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