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February, 2019
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Pinnacle Consulting is a small, specialist consulting practice focussed on tropical and sub-tropical Agriculture, Land Systems Identification and Mapping and Natural Resource Management. Based on the Tablelands in Far North Queensland, we have a wealth of expertise in the Gulf Plains, Einasleigh Uplands, Cape York, Wet Tropics, Brigalow Belt and in Western and Central Queensland along with representing and advocating on remote/regional community issues. We have a strong team with diverse experiences and we can engage specialist individuals as required, to provide a wide range of quality and complementary services.

Services include:

  • Landholder Engagement and Facilitation
  • Identification of Good Quality Agricultural Land
  • Regional Ecosystems & Vegetation Identification - correcting Vegetation Maps
  • Land Capability and Suitability Assessment
  • Due Diligence and Risk Assessments- Salinity, Sodicity and Soil Erosion
  • Cropping / Grazing Feasibility Studies, Economics, Gross margins
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  • Planning Cropping and Grazing Systems
  • Vegetation Management, Planning and Environmental  assessment and Approvals
  • Environmental Offsets
  • Interpreting and implementing legislation and providing policy advice
  • Government Liaison and Advocacy
  • Agronomic Advice on Crops and Pastures
  • Grazing Land Management, Monitoring land Condition and Trend
  • Cattle Husbandry, Breeding, Nutrition and Systems
  • Weed and Pest Management and Control Plans
  • Environmental Management - Soil Conservation Management and Design
  • Advice and Planning on Research and Development
  • Biodiversity assessment – flora surveys, conservation plans and habitat mapping
  • GIS and remote sensing, including spatial statistics and analysis
  • Land management plan drafting for Trust Reserves and freehold land
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Pinnacle Pocket Consulting
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