Weed Habitat

  • Native to Europe and Asia, Thornapples prefer rich soils and are weeds of roadsides, cultivation, river flats, stockyards and unattended areas.


  • Robust annual herbs to 1.5 m with erect branching stems.
  • Large, dark-green, leaves, shallow scalloped edges, unpleasant odour when crushed.
  • White flowers trumpet-shaped, 7-10 cm long, in upper leaf axils, sweetly perfumed.
  • Globular fruits, 4-5cm long, covered with sharp prickles.

Thornapples - Datura ferox

Thornapples - Datura leichhardtii

Thornapples - Datura ferox

Thornapples - Datura stramonium


Currently not declared however under the Biosecurity Act 2014 you still have an obligation to prevent or minimise a biosecurity risk posed by a pest.