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Community of contributors

  • Tom Shepherd Photo: Lyndal Scobell

    Tom Shepherd

    Tom Shepherd is from Artemis Station, central Cape York. The Shepherd family have lived and worked on central Cape York for around a century, raising cattle and kids.  

  • Lewis Roberts

    Lewis Roberts

    Lewis is a highly regarded self-taught naturalist and botanical illustrator. He has an Order of Australia and last year received the Queensland Natural History award.

  • Desmond Tayley

    Desmond Tayley

    Desmond Tayley is a Yalanji Traditional Owner, the Mayor of Wujal Wujal and the Local Government Sector Director on the Cape York NRM Board.

  • Peter and Annette Marriott

    Peter and Annette Marriott

    Peter and Annette Marriott run Ninda Creek, a cattle station at Lakeland on Cape York Peninsula.  

  • Louise Stone

    Louise Stone

    Louise Stone has been living and working in remote communities for decades.

  • Wilfred Peter

    Wilfred Peter is a young Lama Lama Traditional Owner.

    Wilfred works on his Country as a ranger, with Yintingga Aboriginal Corporation's Lama Lama Rangers.

  • Mikayla Down

    Mikayla Down

    Mikayla Down lives in Coen and is a Traditional Owner of Lama Lama Country. 

  • Robyn May

    Robyn May

    Robyn commenced working with Cape York NRM in September 2014. She worked as Executive Support Officer and Communications Support Officer until January 2017, when she took on the role of Communications Officer.

  • Richard Dinnen

    Richard Dinnen

    Richard Dinnen is a radio broadcaster who spent 13 years living in far north Queensland, hosting the ABC Far North drive time show.

  • Shelley Lyon

    Shelley Lyon

    Shelley Lyon has lived on Cape York for over 40 years.

  • Michael

    Employed as the Sustainable Industries Officer with Cape York Natural Resource Management.
  • Denis Kelly

    Denis (Deni) Kelly is project officer for Balnggarrawarra rangers.