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Community of contributors

  • Bob Frazer

    Bob Frazer

    Bob Frazer was CEO of Cape York NRM from 2010 until 2018, when he retired. He spent 13 years in natural resource management, which followed an outstanding career in the community sector and the Queensland Police Service.

  • Jessie Price-Decle

    Jessie Price-Decle

    Jessie Price-Decle is an Environmental Scientist and Engagement Officer with South Cape York Catchments.

  • Vince Harrigan Photo: Lyndal Scobell

    Vince Harrigan

    VInce Harrigan is a Balnggarrawarra ranger, and a Traditional Owner of Normanby Station.  Vince is also part of the nationally acclaimed Black Image Band.

  • Alan Wilson_Photo Lyndal Scobell

    Alan Wilson

    Alan Wilson lives at Laura in central Cape York.  He is a Cook Shire Councillor, and has been a cattle station manager, publican and police officer. 

  • Marie Shipton

    Marie Shipton

    Marie Shipton is from Wujal Wujal.  She is a Cultural Officer with Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council, and is Traditional Owner from the area. 

  • Waratah Nicholls

    Waratah Nicholls

    Waratah Nicholls is an artist, teacher and community worker, who lives at Mungumby Valley.  She is the project manager for the Lakeland Gateway Concept.

  • James Francis and Vivianne

    My wife and I visited Artimus station in the early 90's we found Sue Sheppard to be very helpful showing us around. We saw and fell in love with the Golden Shoulder parrot and now we have some and trying to breed them.
  • Billy Harrigan - Wujal Wujal Photo: Lyndal Scobell

    Bill Harrigan

    Billy Harrigan was born at Bloomfield and lives at Wujal Wujal.

  • Sue Shephard

    Sue Shephard

    Sue Shephard is from Artemis Station, central Cape York.  Sue has undertaken extensive research on the endangered golden-shouldered parrot.

  • Tom Shepherd Photo: Lyndal Scobell

    Tom Shephard

    Tom Shephard is from Artemis Station, central Cape York. The Shephard family have lived and worked on central Cape York for around a century, raising cattle and kids.  

  • Lewis Roberts

    Lewis Roberts

    Lewis is a highly regarded self-taught naturalist and botanical illustrator. He has an Order of Australia and last year received the Queensland Natural History award.

  • Desmond Tayley

    Desmond Tayley

    Desmond Tayley is a Yalanji Traditional Owner, the Mayor of Wujal Wujal and the Local Government Sector Director on the Cape York NRM Board.