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Community of contributors

  • Lyndal Scobell Photo: Kerry Trapnell

    Lyndal Scobell

    Lyndal is a passionate communications, engagement and community development professional who commenced work with Cape York NRM in October 2012.

  • Ken Eastwood, Associate Editor of R.M.Williams OUTBACK magazine

    Ken Eastwood

    R.M.Williams OUTBACK magazine
  • Jason Carroll

    Jason Carroll is the Coordinator of South Cape York Catchments.

  • Charlie McKillop - ABC Rural Report

    Charlie McKillop

    From cadet journalist in Central Queensland to serving as an adviser to the Attorney-General of Australia, Charlie McKillop’s career has taken some interesting turns.

  • Kaanju Ngaachi

    People of the Wenlock and Pascoe River catchments

  • Tom Shephard

    Artemis Station owner

  • Sue Shephard

    Owner of Artemis Station

  • Max Gorringe

    Manager Elsey Station, owned by Mangarrayl Aboriginal Land Trust

  • Kuku-Thaypan people

    people of Lakefield National Park

  • Lama Lama people

    People of Lakefield National Park, Cape York Peninsula

  • Kelly Menadue

    Rosewood Station, Northern Territory

  • Dean Ylbarbuk