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Cape York NRM delivered sustainable grazing management and on-ground works: maintaining Cape York’s resource base for sustainable management and use – reducing pests and weeds, improving water quality in 2013-2016.  The project was funded by the Queensland Government’s Queensland Natural Resource

By Lyndal Scobell

Predatory raids on turtle egg nests continue to threaten the survival of two endangered turtle species that nest on the shores of western Cape York Peninsula.

What it looks like: The Speartooth Shark, also known as Bizant River Shark, is grey in colour, paler below than above. It can grow to around 3 m in length.

What it looks like: The Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin is a small a grey to very light grey dolphin that can grow up to 3 m long. It has a long beak and a small triangular fin on its back, which can have distinctive pink pigmentation.

What it looks like: The Loggerhead Turtle has the largest head of all sea turtles found in Northern Territory waters. Adults can also be identified from their reddish-brown shells that have five large scutes along either side.

Project Number: CY PA 10 - Turtles

Project Name: Phase Two Cape York Turtle Nest Monitoring Project