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Case Study of Fire Management and related costs for Elsey Station (1999).

Stories from the people who live, breathe and work Cape York Peninsula, managing the land and our future.

First episode available Friday 10 February 2017.

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This project has two main aims:

1. To investigate the novel pharmacological actions and chemical compounds of plant species used as traditional medicines from an area of high biodiversity, the Kaanju Homelands centred on the Wenlock and Pascoe Rivers.

Irvinebank residents know that their region is special. It is an area of exceptional plant diversity - its craggy granite slopes are home to a unique range of heath and woodland plants. The residents are also proud of the town's history.

To most people, pastureland and wildlife habitat are completely different landscapes. One elicits images of short, sweet grasses and scattered trees; the other of tangled, wild country thick with trees, shrubs and fallen logs.