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A ground-breaking partnership between Olkola Aboriginal Corporation, Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council and Natural Carbon, will see early season burning of over 13 000 square kilometres of Cape York savanna country using traditional burning practices.

What it looks like: Pternandra is a multi-stemmed shrub or tree with smooth, apricot-grey bark. Its glossy green, oval leaves are borne in opposite pairs and have a single distinct vein running along the inside of each margin.

What it looks like: Northern Quolls are grey brown with white spots on the body. The long black tail is sparsely furred with no spots.

What it looks like: Xylopia is an open shrub or erect sapling that can grow to 3 metres high. It holds its primary branches perpendicular to its central stem.

The Rangelands Fire Management project commenced in October 2006, when contract arrangements were finalised and initial funding allocations received. This project report covers the reporting period from July 2006 to July 2007.

The Cape York Land Use Strategy is an initiative of the Queensland Government to provide a basis for public participation in planninng for the ecologically sustainable development of Cape York Peninsula.

Sue Shephard moved to Cape York in 1970 to work at Musgrave Station for the Shephard family.  She met the youngest Shephard son, Tom, got married, and together they raised four children on Artemis Station.