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Case Study of Fire Management and related costs for Elsey Station (1999).

Fire management: an uncertain science

A thorough reassessment of the conservation status of plants on Cape York Peninsula

Landsberg J.

Effect of different fire regimes on vegetation thickening in grasslands on Cape York Peninsula

Crowley G.M.

Practical advice from the Bushfires Council, NT

Managed fires provide the most economical long-term solution for woody weed control. These fires kill a large proportion of fire-sensitive species (particularly mulga) and reduce the vigour of others (e.g. witchetty bush and broombush) allowing grasses to regenerate.

Can a change in attitude towards fire and its management ameliorate environmental problems in Australia’s north?

How do fire regimes affect vertebrates?
Just as the structure and composition of plant communities reflect their fire history, there will be more habitat diversity in areas where there is greater variety in the frequency and intensity of fires.