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Damian and Di Cullenward are farmers from Eugowra, Central NSW.

Damian grew up in the west of the state, and continues to spend time there as a farm contractor.

Chuulangun Aboriginal Corporation has recently completed a report Kaanju Fire Management 2003, funded by the Cape York Peninsula Development Association (CYPDA) Fire Project through Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation. The report investigates a number of issues including:

The aerial incendiary proactive burning program funded and promoted aerial incendiary runs, mapped and interpreted the firescars that resulted from these burns, and then reviewed the outcomes to determine the effectiveness of the program.

Season of burn
Mid-dry season
(August - September) 

The plant and animal species on Cape York Peninsula can show whether the country is healthy for wildlife and being managed sustainably.

A fire management plan designed for a model property on Cape York Peninsuala.

Guidelines for fire management over various types of grazing country across Cape York Peninsuala.