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What it looks like: The Speartooth Shark, also known as Bizant River Shark, is grey in colour, paler below than above. It can grow to around 3 m in length.

What it looks like: The Green Sawfish is large, greenish-brown to olive sawfish. It has been reported to reach 7.3 m in length, but more often grows to less than 5 m.

What it looks like: The Freshwater Sawfish is a large sawfish that is reputed to reach up to 7 m, but is more commonly less than 3 m. Its body is yellowish above, pale below, slender and shark-like.

What it looks like: The Dwarf Sawfish is a relatively small sawfish that reach only about 1.4 m in length. Its a broad, saw-shaped snout has between 18 and 22 teeth, or modified scales.

What it looks like: The Australian Snubfin is a small dolphin that can grow to 2.7m long, but is usually smaller. It gets it name from the small triangular fin on its back. Its blunt head has a round forehead and a ‘smiling’ mouthline.

What it looks like: The Hawksbill Turtle gets its name from its prominent upper jaw, which gives it a beak-like appearance.

What it looks like: The Green Turtle is the most abundant of sea turtles in Northern Territory waters.

What it looks like: This large marine mammal can grow to 18 m long. Mostly black, it is white on its chin, belly and flippers. Clusters of tubercles make it look barnacle-encrusted.