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Damian and Di Cullenward are farmers from Eugowra, Central NSW.

Damian grew up in the west of the state, and continues to spend time there as a farm contractor.

Case Study of Fire Management and related costs for Elsey Station (1999).

Fire management: an uncertain science

The aerial incendiary proactive burning program funded and promoted aerial incendiary runs, mapped and interpreted the firescars that resulted from these burns, and then reviewed the outcomes to determine the effectiveness of the program.

Managed fires provide the most economical long-term solution for woody weed control. These fires kill a large proportion of fire-sensitive species (particularly mulga) and reduce the vigour of others (e.g. witchetty bush and broombush) allowing grasses to regenerate.

Can a change in attitude towards fire and its management ameliorate environmental problems in Australia’s north?