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Alex Kutt wants to teach people to look at landscapes differently. "When pastoralists look across their country, they see whether there is enough grass and water for the cattle.

As part of a larger project to determine “the production and biodiversity costs and benefits of woodland thickening and mechanical thinning in the Qld Desert Uplands”, data were gathered from four properties around Torrens Creek and Prairie in Flinders Shire, north-west Qld.


The tip of Cape York is traditionally known as Pajinka, the name of the Aboriginal-owned resort just 400 metres from the very tip. You walk from either the Lodge or camping ground to Frangipani Beach, which is, of course, Australia's northern-most beach (on the mainland).

Fire affects all aspects of the ecology of the savanna— individual plants, plant communities, animals and their habitats, nutrients, water catchments and down-stream hydrology.