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Submitted by Charles Darwin University

By James Donaldson

Two recent visits to Dawnvale Station and the Bloomfield River have excited local fish researchers Brendan Ebner (Ebb) and James Donaldson from CSIRO and TropWATER at James Cook University.

By Lyndal Scobell

Predatory raids on turtle egg nests continue to threaten the survival of two endangered turtle species that nest on the shores of western Cape York Peninsula.

Tree hollows are naturally-occurring holes in living or dead trees. Hollows form in many species but are most abundant in eucalypts. Termite activity, storms and fire contribute to both the formation and destruction of tree hollows.


There is perhaps no animal in Australia that arouses such mixed emotions as does the Dingo. A relatively recent arrival to the country, Dingoes, along with Wild Dogs, can inflict much damage on livestock.

What it looks like: Northern Quolls are grey brown with white spots on the body. The long black tail is sparsely furred with no spots.

Louise Stone has lived a colourful life.  She grew up on dairy farm on the Atherton Tablelands and has travelled Australia's east coast in horse and buggy.