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By Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers

The latest cullling operation in Mapoon, saw 135 five feral pigs destroyed. Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers and the Animal Management officer conducted an aerial pig cull in early October, a great effort by all involved.

Submitted by Charles Darwin University

By Lyndal Scobell

Predatory raids on turtle egg nests continue to threaten the survival of two endangered turtle species that nest on the shores of western Cape York Peninsula.


Wild Horses are found through most of the Northern Territory, but are particularly abundant in the Gulf region, parts of western Arnhem Land, the Victoria River District, and the West MacDonnell Ranges.


There is perhaps no animal in Australia that arouses such mixed emotions as does the Dingo. A relatively recent arrival to the country, Dingoes, along with Wild Dogs, can inflict much damage on livestock.