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A clean-up of the Lakes is the first of several key projects scheduled by The Western Cape Land Care Group following their general meeting held on Tuesday 6 May.

Directors of Oyala Thumotang Land Trust met in Weipa on 6 and 7 May 2014 to plan for the future of the land trust.

More information on the dry season in Cape York Peninsula.

Termites - The Good Guys

Termites are not well loved.They cause a great deal of damage to wooden structures but the blame for this lies with just a few species.

Organisations across Cape York are working together to educate people about the need to deal with their rubbish responsibly when travelling around the Cape.

This report details the tourism industry on the Cape York Peninsula and methods to ensure sustainable land use within the industry from both residents and visitors.

In November 2002, with the assistance of Balkanu Business Hubs, the Chuulangun community developed a tourism business plan, Chuulangun Traditional Aboriginal Camp Ground Proposal. It is proposed that for a fee the following will be provided: