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Weeds are introduced plants that reproduce or even proliferate unaided. Most weeds are exotic, however native plants can also be considered weeds if introduced outside of their natural range.

Under Queensland’s Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 gamba grass is a declared Class 2 pest - land managers must take reasonable steps to keep land free of the species and it is an o ence to introduce, keep or

What and Where

Parthenium ( Parthenium hysterophorus ) is a native of North and South America first found in Queensland in 1955. It is now well established central Queensland, extending as far west as Longreach and into the north and south of the state.

Weeds have an enormous impact on Australia’s tropical savannas, and the problem is growing rapidly every year.

In ecology, ‘disturbance’ is generally used as a technical term to describe the removal of vegetation—or other
dominant life forms—from an area. Disturbance may be by means of grazing, fire or mechanical removal. Mechanical

Realalistic goals for weed management are important, as is the development of a strategy.

Preventing new weeds from establishing and key processes for management.

Preventing weeds from establising and key processes for management.