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A wealth of information on the mammals of Northern Queensland.

Brown Treecreepers are small birds that hop up the trunks of trees and are often found singly or in small family parties. The presence of Treecreepers indicates fire has been well managed.

Black-throated Finches are small birds, usually seen in flocks with other Finch species. The presence of these Finches indicates grazing pressure on pasture is light to moderate and that fire has been well managed in woodland areas.

More information on the dry season in Cape York Peninsula.

Life is tough for plants living in the seasonally dry tropics. Soils are poor and for half the year the land is parched and prone to fires while for the other half it is inundated with water.Only plants which have been able to adapt to this punishing regime can grow here, having developed certain characteristics to make this possible.

Termites - The Good Guys

Termites are not well loved.They cause a great deal of damage to wooden structures but the blame for this lies with just a few species.

Bush Stone-curlews are nocturnal and are ground dwellers.  They are long legged and long necked with mottle brown, grey and white plumage.  Their presence indicates a diverse environment with woodlands for nesting and open environments for feeding.

Cape York Penisuala is an important region of Australia, comprising 13,270,000 hectares with a population of 18,000 (1995).

This is a report and the state of resources and ecology of this region.