Weed Identifiers (Other) : Has Berries

Grewia - Grewia asiatica
  • A large, scraggly, spreading shrub 1-4 m high.
  • Long, slender, drooping branches, the young branchlets are densely covered with hairs.
  • Leaves alternate, broadly heart-shaped and pointed at the apex, 18 cm long prominently veined (5 main veins from the base), serrated edges with whitish bloom on the underside.
  • Small orange-yellow flowers, about 1 cm long on short stal
Elephant creeper - Argyreia nervosa
  • A robust climber with woody stems, which may very well overlap trees some 10m high.
  • A dense white down covers both young stems and leaf undersides.
  • The leaves are heart-shaped and up to 25cm wide, with lateral veins conspicuous on the underside.
  • Tight clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers 5cm across, appear among the foliage in spring and summer, the flower are light p
Lantana camara
  • Scrambling, heavily-branched shrub to 4 m high.
  • Grows as either a compact clump, dense thicket or a climbing vine.
  • Stems are four-angled when young, rounded when mature, with numerous short prickles.
  • Leavers are bright green above, paler beneath, about 6 cm long, with slightly rounded-toothed margins, strongly veined, aromatic when crushed.
  • Flowers mainly pi
Caltrop weed
  • Spreading, prostrate annual or biannual herb with purplish-brown branches and woody tap root.
  • Numerous finely-hairy, stems up to 60 cm long, much branched.
  • Leaves silky-hairy, green above and paler beneath, opposite and unequal in size, with 5-7 pairs of leaflets
  • Yellow short-lived (1 day) flowers with 5petals to 10 mm long and carried singly on short stalk in leaf