Weed Leaf Arrangement : Opposite

Thornapples - Datura inoxia
  • Robust annual herbs to 1.5 m with erect branching stems.
  • Large, dark-green, leaves, shallow scalloped edges, unpleasant odour when crushed.
  • White flowers trumpet-shaped, 7-10 cm long, in upper leaf axils, sweetly perfumed.
  • Globular fruits, 4-5cm long, covered with sharp prickles.

Thornapples - Datura ferox

Red Convolulus - Ipomoea hederifolia
  • A twining, smooth to hairy annual vine.
  • Leaves variable in shape, usually ovate with pointed tip and heart-shaped base, commonly deeply 3-lobed.
  • Scarlet flowers bell-shaped, 2.5-4.5 cm long, 5-lobed.
  • Fruit is a round capsule to 8 mm diameter.

Red Convolulus - Ipomoea hederifolia

Spiny head sida - Sida acuta
  • An erect small shrub growing to around 1.5 m.
  • Stems woody, branching several times, with well-developed tap root.
  • Leaves narrow, lance shaped, tapered both ends, serrated edges.
  • Yellow flowers, usually solitary or in pairs in the leaf axils.
  • Fruit is a hard, dark brown dry capsule, splitting into 5-8 segments each with a wedge-shaped, black seed having 2 sha
Miconia calvescens
  • An evergreen tree that can grow up to 15 meters high.
  • Its large (60-70cm long) attractive leaves are dark green above and purple underneath, with three prominent veins on each leaf.
  • Flowering and fruiting begin after 4-5 years.
  • Flowers are numerous, sweet-scented, white to pink in colour, and are short-lived (12-24hrs after opening)
  • Fruit are dark purple and
Stachytarpheta mutabilis
  • Perennial shrubs to 2 m high with tough stems and a woody rootstock.
  • Young stems somewhat quadrangular.
  • Leaves opposite, shallow-toothed.
  • Flowers with 5 petals in stiff curved spikes from the top of the branches.

1.  Stachytarpheta mutabilis - Lower leaf surfaces, rachis (Main axis of flower head) and calyx hairy, flowers

Castor oil plant  -  Ricinus communis
  • Branching perennial shrub, 3-4 m with a spread of 2 m.
  • Stems are hollow, dull pale-green or tinged with red.
  • Palmate leaves up to 30cm wide, glossy dark reddish-green when young, glossy green when mature, divided into 7-9 roughly triangular segments each with a prominent central vein spreading out from the end of the leaf stalk, finely-toothed margins.
Praxelis  -  Eupatorium catarium
  • An annual to short-lived perennial herb, usually growing from 40-80cm tall, but can grow to 1meter.
  • Flowers throughout the year, but most commonly after onset of wet season.
  • Flowers are an intense lilac-blue colour. (Which can be confused with “bluetops”)
  • Leaves are hairy and toothed along edges.
Candle bush - Senna alata
  • Evergreen spreading shrub to 3 m with a spread of 2 m, sparingly branched.
  • Leaves are large ( 45-75 cm long ) and oblong ( 12-25 cm wide ), divided into 8-14 pairs of leaflets each 5-12 cm long and 2-5 cm wide.
  • Flowers yellow, cup-shaped, on stalks arranged around elongated stems, candle-like, at the ends of the branches or from the leaf axils.
  • Pods dark brown to bl
Mikania Vine  -  Mikania micrantha
  • A branched slender-stemmed perennial vine.
  • Leaves are arranged in opposite pairs along the stems and are heart-shaped or triangular with an acute tip and broad base.
Bellyache bush - Jatropha gossypifolia
  • Erect shrub 2.5-3 m tall with thick, sappy stem
  • Stems, leaf stalks and leaf margins covered with course, sticky, brown hairs.
  • Young leaves purple, sticky, deeply divided into 3 rounded lobes.