Weed Life Cycle : Annual

Giant Sensitive Plant - Mimosa diplotricha var.diplotricha
  • A shrubby or sprawling annual although behaving as a perennial vine in certain years.
  • Stem bunching, often scrambling over other plants, 4-angled, the angles lined with sharp, hooked prickles.
  • Leaves are bright green, feather like, and sensitive to touch
  • Very small pink flowers occur as round, fluffy balls about 12mm.
  • Numerous seedpods are clustered, each ab
Thornapples - Datura inoxia
  • Robust annual herbs to 1.5 m with erect branching stems.
  • Large, dark-green, leaves, shallow scalloped edges, unpleasant odour when crushed.
  • White flowers trumpet-shaped, 7-10 cm long, in upper leaf axils, sweetly perfumed.
  • Globular fruits, 4-5cm long, covered with sharp prickles.

Thornapples - Datura ferox

Red Convolulus - Ipomoea hederifolia
  • A twining, smooth to hairy annual vine.
  • Leaves variable in shape, usually ovate with pointed tip and heart-shaped base, commonly deeply 3-lobed.
  • Scarlet flowers bell-shaped, 2.5-4.5 cm long, 5-lobed.
  • Fruit is a round capsule to 8 mm diameter.

Red Convolulus - Ipomoea hederifolia

Praxelis  -  Eupatorium catarium
  • An annual to short-lived perennial herb, usually growing from 40-80cm tall, but can grow to 1meter.
  • Flowers throughout the year, but most commonly after onset of wet season.
  • Flowers are an intense lilac-blue colour. (Which can be confused with “bluetops”)
  • Leaves are hairy and toothed along edges.
Noogoora burr - Xanthium occidentale
  • Annual branched herb to 2 m high.
  • Stems are rough to touch and often tinged purple.
  • Leaves are dark-green, purple veined, with 3-5 large lobes resembling a grape leaf, margins coarsely toothed, lower leaves opposite, upper leaves alternate.
  • Greenish flowers in clusters, male flowers inconspicuous at the end of branches and soon fall off, female flowers in leaf axils
Gambia pea - Crotalaria goreensis
  • Erect annual or short-lived perennial herb to 1 m.
  • Stems finely ribbed and hairy.
  • Leaves have 3 elliptical leaflets up to 8 cm long.
  • Characteristic rabbit-ear-like outgrowths where the leaf stalk is attached to the stem.
  • Flowers are pea-like, yellow with orange or brown streaks, on a short stem at the ends of branches.
  • Inflated pods 15-20 mm long, br
Lion's tail - Leonotis nepetifolia
  • Erect annual herb to 3 meters high covered with short white hairs.
  • Stems are quadrangular often grooved.
  • Leaves opposite, with toothed edges.
  • Flowers orange and velvety in 2-4 round spiky clusters along the upper stem, and form hard spiky balls when mature.
  •  Seeds are very small, many, and triangular.

Lion's tail - Leonotis nepetifolia

Mossman river grass - Cenchrus echinatus
  • An erect annual grass to 20-50 cm high, forming loose tufts.
  • Stems often root at lower nodes.
  • Leaves pale green, flat, stiff, 5-25 cm long and 3-12 mm wide, tapering towards the tip.
  • ‘Seeds’ are burrs arranged in numerous spike-like heads, up to 10 cm long, narrow, pale brown.
Themeda quadrivalvis
  • A tall, erect, tufted annual grass, 1-2 m high, growing in dense patches.
  • Mature plants golden to orange-tan.
  • Robust, hairless, caney stems.
  • Leaves narrow, up to 30 cm long and well spaced along the stem, brown when mature.
  • Seedheads long and branched, interspersed with short leaves, drooping when mature.

Grader grass - Themeda quadriva</body></html>

Parthenium hysterophorus
  • Annual herb to 2 m tall with a deep taproot.
  • Erect stems become woody and develop many branches with age.
  • Leaves are pale green, deeply divided and lobed, covered with fine soft hairs.
  • Flowers are small creamy white about 4 mm across, in branched clusters in leaf axils at the top of the plant.

Parthenium hysterophorus