Weed Life Cycle : Perennial

Giant Parramatta grass - Sporobolus fertilis and Sporobolus africanus
  • A clumping grass growing up to 0.8-1.6m high.
  • Seed head up to 50cm long and 1-2cm wide.
  • Branches of seed head pressed to the axis and overlapping.
Physic Nut - Jatropha curcas
  • An erect shrub with one to several stems 2-4 m high reproducing by seed and suckers from roots and crown.
  • Stems arethick and rather soft, coarsely hairy, exuding a watery sap when injured.
  • Leaves are dark green, ivy like, smooth, heart shaped to 15 cm wide on a long leaf stalk.
Para Grass - Brachiaria mutica
  • A vigorous perennial grass to 2 m high.
  • Stems stout, trailing densely soft hairy rooting at nodes.
  • Leaves and sheaths generally hairy.
Parkinsonia (Jerusalem thorn or jelly bean tree) Parkinsonia aculeate
  • A hairless shrub or small tree, rarely to 10m high.
  • Slender green photosynthetic zig-zag branches armed with sharp spines.
  • Leaves with a short, spine-tipped stalk, leaf branches 20-40 cm long, flattened with small, oblong leaflets along each edge.
  • Flowers yellow, fragrant, five petalled, each on a long, slender drooping stalk.
  • Seeds oval, hard, about 15 mm l
Grewia - Grewia asiatica
  • A large, scraggly, spreading shrub 1-4 m high.
  • Long, slender, drooping branches, the young branchlets are densely covered with hairs.
  • Leaves alternate, broadly heart-shaped and pointed at the apex, 18 cm long prominently veined (5 main veins from the base), serrated edges with whitish bloom on the underside.
  • Small orange-yellow flowers, about 1 cm long on short stal
Spiny head sida - Sida acuta
  • An erect small shrub growing to around 1.5 m.
  • Stems woody, branching several times, with well-developed tap root.
  • Leaves narrow, lance shaped, tapered both ends, serrated edges.
  • Yellow flowers, usually solitary or in pairs in the leaf axils.
  • Fruit is a hard, dark brown dry capsule, splitting into 5-8 segments each with a wedge-shaped, black seed having 2 sha
Navua Sedge - Cyperus aromaticus
  • Grows in thick grass-like clumps, usually 30-60 cm high.
  • Stems are triangular
  • Leaves are tufted.
Miconia calvescens
  • An evergreen tree that can grow up to 15 meters high.
  • Its large (60-70cm long) attractive leaves are dark green above and purple underneath, with three prominent veins on each leaf.
  • Flowering and fruiting begin after 4-5 years.
  • Flowers are numerous, sweet-scented, white to pink in colour, and are short-lived (12-24hrs after opening)
  • Fruit are dark purple and
Stachytarpheta mutabilis
  • Perennial shrubs to 2 m high with tough stems and a woody rootstock.
  • Young stems somewhat quadrangular.
  • Leaves opposite, shallow-toothed.
  • Flowers with 5 petals in stiff curved spikes from the top of the branches.

1.  Stachytarpheta mutabilis - Lower leaf surfaces, rachis (Main axis of flower head) and calyx hairy, flowers

Castor oil plant  -  Ricinus communis
  • Branching perennial shrub, 3-4 m with a spread of 2 m.
  • Stems are hollow, dull pale-green or tinged with red.
  • Palmate leaves up to 30cm wide, glossy dark reddish-green when young, glossy green when mature, divided into 7-9 roughly triangular segments each with a prominent central vein spreading out from the end of the leaf stalk, finely-toothed margins.