Western Cape Land Care Group: Big Plans, Small Steps

A clean-up of the Lakes is the first of several key projects scheduled by The Western Cape Land Care Group following their general meeting held on Tuesday 6 May.

Key to discussions were clean-ups of local beauty spots, including beach areas where marine debris wash ashore, and tidying major intersections of Weipa access roads, where roadside rubbish from travellers is a major concern.
Alex Dunn, president of Western Cape Land Care Groups said a renewed effort to clean up the town lakes was chosen as a key project to pursue, in partnership with Goodline.

“Lake Patricia and Lake McLeod and surrounds continue to need cleaning up despite previous efforts to remove rubbish around the foreshore and in the bush areas” Alex said. “As an area well used by Weipa locals, we are very keen to have regular clean-ups of the lakes”.

Western Cape Land Care Group is considering other activities such as tree plantings, community garden schemes, education programs, and recycling and reducing waste initiatives. There were many ideas provided by the Weipa community to the Management Committee, to inform project planning well into the future. “We hope to have some sort of Landcare activity every couple of months and we are working very hard to build a program that will get the Weipa community involved. The first community project will be at the Lakes, sometime next month” Alex said.

“Maintaining our local environment is important for those of us who live in the region permanently. We ive in a beautiful part of Australia that attracts many tourists each year who come to experience Cape York. Taking pride in our environment through clean- ups and improvement projects allows tourists to take away a positive memory of the Western Cape” he said.

The Western Cape Land Care Group appreciates the support of Cape York Natural Resource Management, who attended the meeting, in the planning and execution of more complex projects. Western Cape Land Care Group is a group of enthusiastic locals, committed to caring for the beautiful environment of western Cape York. Project updates are available via social media and the Western Cape Land Care Facebook group.