Pest Central is a state-wide database that is attempting to standardise the way pest (weeds and animal) survey and control data is reported across Queensland.

As part of our reporting requirements to the State NRM investment, Cape York NRM are required to submit on-ground data to Pest Central. 

Through the submission of Cape York NRM's regional pig data to Pest Central, the Queensland Government Regional Biosecurity Officer was able to access this data and then seek further attribute information from Cape York NRM and from Western Cape Turtle Threat Aabatment Alliance to clarify the data.

The collection of good data can increase targeting of limited resources as it clearly shows the results of funded works.

Cape York NRM and WCTTAA enter into data-sharing agreements with each member organisation of WCTTAA.  The agreements are importance because they:

  • protect the owner by ensuring recognition of the work undertaken for data collection
  • show the importance of training people to use data collection tools correctly and uniformly across sub-regions that are working on similar goals.

Cape York NRM will continue to upload data to Pest Central as required so that it can be accessed across different sections of State Government, while ensuring that the ownership of that data is shared through negotiated agreements.

The shared data arrangements on Pest Central highlight the importance of continuing the work of Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance members.  This on-ground work is minimising predation to threatened marine turtle species, through the culling of pigs on the west coast of Cape York,  and provides a thorough understanding the impacts of control efforts.

Western Cape York Animal Control Points

This work is undertaken through the Queensland Government Regional NRM investment for Cape York NRM.

Parnters in this work include Cape York NRM reporting team, State Biosecurity officer, West Coast Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance member partners.