Project Number: CY PA 13 - Crab Island

Project Name: Crab Island Flatback Turtles

Organisation: Cape York Peninsula Development Association

Project status: Funded by NHT 
Amount provided: $13,800
Date started: April 2008   Date completed: December 2008

MATs from Cape York Peninsula NRM Plan:  CB3.2; RA2.1; RA2.3; CB3.3; CB1.4


The project is a comprehensive assessment of the world's largest flatback sea turtle rookery at Crab Island which hopes to increase the understanding of the biological requirements and conservation status of the Crab Island flatback sea turtle nesting population.

NRM Region:  Cape York Peninsula

Bioregion:  Cape York Peninsula
Project Locations:  Crab Island

Project Theme:  Wildlife conservation

Keywords: Tracking; Turtles

Public Documents

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