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Artemis - a refuge for Golden-shouldered Parrots

Artemis Station, owned by Tom and Sue Shephard is home to the endangered Golden-shouldered Parrot. The property includes a nature refuge which protects a significant amount of the only known habitat for these birds.

Golden-shouldered Parrots nest in termite mounds in tropical savanna woodland and feed on grasses. Altered fire regimes and the effects of grazing have resulted in an increase in woody vegetation and have impacted on availability of grasses. Research has found that by getting the fire regime right, benefits would result for the parrots as well as graziers. The Shephards have received assistance with fencing allowing cattle to be moved when it is time to burn.

Tom and Steve running wire

The QPWS has developed a Recovery Plan for the Golden-shouldered Parrot and continues to implement and monitor actions to ensure their survival.